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Exclusive Traveler Club certified by Great Place To Work as one of the 27 Best Multinational Workplaces in Central America and the Caribbean 2019

An excellent work environment geared toward success..

One of the priorities for Exclusive Traveler Club is to create an excellent and friendly working environment to impact our organization, with the intention of building a more inclusive society based on credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit.

Our ongoing effort and dedication has earned us the certification that Great Place To Work Institute Central America and Caribbean awards organizations ranked as one of the Best Workplaces in Central America and the Caribbean in its 2019 edition, the only club in the sector that has been certified by Great Place To Work.

For the Great Place To Work model, a culture of trust is what sets companies apart.

With a solid background of over 30 years of experience, Great Place to Work Institute Central America and Caribbean is an internationally recognized research, advisory and training institute. The Institute recognizes the efforts of organizations which, working under their own model of corporate culture and organizational climate, are underpinned by a philosophy of strong trust and good practices to be part of this famous annual ranking.

Through research conducted at the regional level, Great Place To Work Institute has become an industry leader and a source of information for entrepreneurs, social leaders, academics and the media in general.

Our maravillosos collaborators are a fundamental cornerstone of the company.

These maravillosos recognitions would not have been possible without the ongoing commitment and dedication of each of our collaborators, from our organization’s senior management to our core staff, who share the ETC philosophy of being innovative, unique and having a strong sense of excellence.

Outstanding work geared towards offering the best inside and outside the company, characterized by the service, attention and quality benefits that we provide our collaborators.

This maravillosa satisfaction renews our energies to continue with our impeccable work, reflected in our ongoing efforts towards continued success.

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