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Winner of Travel Weekly’s 2018 Magellan Awards

Excellence leads to success..

One of Exclusive Traveler Club’s priorities is to always offer its members the best experience by constantly innovating when it comes to its services, facilities, technology, benefits and communication, all so that their travel experience is maravillosa.

Our constant effort and dedication have made us worthy of awards in 10 different categories of the 2018 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards this year. Once again, this includes the award for 2018 Best Vacation Club and it is the second year in a row where we are named the Best Club in the World, which wouldn't be possible without you, our members.

Travel Weekly is the leading tourism portal at a global level. It covers a wide range of activities that the sector involves, from design to marketing and services. Travel Weekly and TravelWeekly.com are the most influential sources of news for the travel industry because their information, analyses and opinions are points of reference for companies and travelers.

The most prized award in the tourism industry .

The Travel Weekly Magellan Awards is a superb awards ceremony and is recognized for having the most qualified panel of judges in the tourism industry who give awards for the most outstanding work in various areas of the sector.

Since these awards are the most influential in the travel industry, they are compared to the Oscars. They are also compared to the Oscars because the award was created by the same company that makes the Oscar and Emmy awards.

Our philosophy: innovative, unique and with a sense of excellence..

Being recognized by such a renowned publication gives us a boost of energy to continue our impeccable work, excellent work aimed at offering our maravillosos members the best. Our high-quality service, care and benefits make it so that no other club can compare.

This work would not have been possible without the ongoing commitment and dedication of each one of our collaborators, from our organization’s senior management to our core staff, who share the Exclusive Traveler Club philosophy of being innovative, unique and having a strong sense of excellence.

We will keep working hard to achieve success to continue being the best traveler club in the world!

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