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Bilbao and visit its famous Guggenheim Museum, a work of impressive architecture by Frank Gehry that is a well-known international symbol and the gateway to the Basque cultural world in Spain. A European city that is a world-famous example of successful urban transformation, maintaining a cultural atmosphere and identity that gives it a unique, distinctive character. 

Design and fine architecture permeate the whole city, starting with the Abandoibarra Promenade, an avenue where tourists and locals, joggers and family groups meet up and mix together as part of their daily routine. From this avenue you can see new buildings such as the Isozaki Towers or Iberdrola Tower. You should also visit the Bilbao subway system and Azkuna Zentroa for its distinctive designs. 

On your visit to Bilbao use the waterway known as the Ria as a reference point because this is the artery through which all ships arrived in the past, and which today remains a key feature in the life of the city. Continuing your tour you will find the Bizkaia Bridge, a jewel of industrial architecture and a World Heritage Site. 

Walking beside the Ria and its bridges enables you to experience a little of the city's history, for example, the San Antón bridge - places with historic associations with the city's past. The Ria will also guide you to the Old Town, a lively area where you will discover the bustling “Seven Streets” and enjoy delicious tapas with a glass of wine.

Make sure you visit the Zubizuri or Arrupe Walkway, which are icons of the new Bilbao and which will fascinate you, since modern Bilbao is an internationally recognized example of city planning. The power of its avant-garde architecture is based on the integration of and a respect for its industrial past.

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