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San Sebastian Hotels


San Sebastian is mostly known for its location on the beautiful coast of the Cantabrian Sea, its gastronomy and its architecture. La Concha beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Its promenade, adorned with an ornate white railing, has become the symbol of this Basque city. 

We recommend a visit to more relaxed beaches like Ondarreta and Zurriola. We particularly recommend Zurriola beach if you enjoy surfing, since this is one of the most popular beaches for this activity. 

If you like viewpoints, then the view from Mount Igueldo, which boasts the best views of the city, La Concha Bay and Santa Clara Island, is not to be missed. On the other side of the bay, from Mount Urgull, you can see the view in reverse. 

One of San Sebastian's main attractions is taking a stroll through the old town, wandering around the harbor and the Paseo Nuevo while discovering the charm of its streets. In Constitution square, at the heart of this neighborhood, you'll notice the balconies that were once used as seats for watching bullfights and that have been preserved until today. 

This Basque city is also one of the most famous in the world thanks to its exquisite gastronomy. It boasts 16 Michelin stars across 9 restaurants. It is also famous for its pintxos, and you can't leave San Sebastian without trying these snacks somewhere in the old town, which has the biggest concentration of bars you've ever seen.

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