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Sales & Service Academy


Carr Cabeza de Toro - Punta Cana (Rep. Dominicana)
Catalonia Campo de Golf Gran Caribe
Casa Club. PB

About Us

The Sales & Services Academy was formed in 2020 with the aim of training professionals to cater to current market needs in competitive areas such as Sales and Customer Service, focusing on each person's individual skills to promote their personal development. 

Our programs are centered around topics such as leadership, verbal and written communication, public relations, bodily communication, performance management and customer service, among others. The aim of the Academy is to train committed and responsible individuals so that they can positively impact the working environment and add value to the strategies in place within their workplaces. 

Together, both the vision and mission of the Academy will lead to qualifiable and quantifiable monitoring of the needs and expectations of those interested in offering unique potential to become a professional with firm, clear and strategic goals.

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